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Dundalk, County Louth, enjoys a great location, strategically located approximately midway between the two largest cities in the island of Ireland, Belfast and Dublin.


It sits where the Castletown River flows into Dundalk Bay. The town is close to the border with Northern Ireland and equi-distant from Dublin and Belfast.


The town's name, which was historically written as Dundalgan, has associations with the mythical warrior Cú Chulainn. The town's crest reads Mé do rug Cú Chulainn Cróga, meaning "I gave birth to brave Cú Chulainn". It was granted its charter in 1189.


Within legally defined boundaries it is the largest town in Ireland. In 2003, Dundalk was amongst nine cities and towns to be designated Gateway status in the Irish Government's National Spatial Strategy.



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