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The Táin March

The Táin March commences on Friday 19th May in Rathcrogan, Co. Roscommon reaching Omeath in Co. Louth on Bank Holiday Monday 5th June.

Queen Maeve will set out on The Táin with her loyal warriors (the 27th Army Battalion from Aitken Barracks, Dundalk) on the week long march to Omeath on the Cooley Peninsula, amassing more warriors on route from Rathcroghan, Co. Roscommon.


Who will March with Queen Maeve? Will You?

Queen Maeve wants warriors, walkers, and welcomers.  Will you march with Maeve? For some of the journey or for the whole thing? Get in touch today to find out more. An open invitation to get involved is extended to all and if you would like to participate please contact The Táin March via the "Get Involved" contact page.


The Wholeway Walking Route

Places associated with The Táin will be used as points for imparting information on, and or delivering readings from, the story of the Táin. 

The route is 237km in length (plotted on Google Maps), distances and times are also calculated from Google Maps.  The route is broken up into nine days, each day will cover a distance between 18 & 35 km in length. 

The route from Tulsk, Co. Roscommon (Crúachain) to Oristown, Co. Meath (Tailtiu) mirrors the outward journey of Queen Medb's forces in pursuit of the Brown Bull.  The route from Oristown (Tailtiu) to Omeath, Co. Louth (Cúailnge) mirrors the homeward journey with the captured bull in tow, i.e. Queen Medb's forces were moving in the opposite direction, from Omeath to Oristown.


A series of events will take place along the route for the annual Táin March.. It's shaping up to be a great event with big events in Rathcroghan, Knockbridge, Dundalk and Omeath.  Be sure to get involved this year.   Detailed information on www.tainmarch.ie



Dates: 19 May - 5 June 2017
Address: Omeath, Co. Louth
Email: getinvolved@tainmarch.net
Phone: 00353 (0) 42 93 73033
Website: http://www.tainmarch.ie